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Favorite Recipes - 100th Post Special! Super Hungry? Jump to the Recipe

Believe it or not, this blog started in 2011. It was created as part of an assignment for one of my classes my sophomore year of college dealing with communication in culture and society. Our blogs could be about anything we wanted, as long as they were about our own personal journeys and were linked to events going on in our lives. I posted about such things as my first ever trip to Whole Foods and my most memorable bite.

I had toyed with the idea of a food blog that summer any way, since I was living on my own for the first time and was tired of frozen food and take out meals, so I began buying basic ingredients to cook simple meals from scratch. I remember my first few cooking experiments came out as somewhat delicious disasters. I finally decided I was going to utilize this blog, after spending several weeks posting class assignments in it, to further document my cooking journey once the class was over and I was no longer expected to post for a grade.

Needless to say, the first couple years of this blog were a little rough. The name "The Starving Chef" come from those days - where I truly was stretching pennies and pinching dimes to buy fresh, nutritious foods (and spending the rest of my money on things like beer and other things college kids spend their money on). Since then, a lot has changed. I've gone from "starving" to "mildly comfortable" but still try to save pennies where I can when it comes to cooking - while still getting to express my creative side through food.

I will have officially hit my 100th post when this is published, which is quite a mile-marker for something I never really expected to continue past the ending of classes. This post is here to go over my favorite posts from the last few years and to show my growth not only as a home chef, but as a writer and photographer as well.

So here are my favorite 10 posts covering everything from breakfast to dinner to just plain fun recipes from the last few years!

10. Purple Potatoes - Two Step Tubers

As some readers may know, every week I participate in the 52 Weeks of Cooking Challenge hosted on Reddit. By far one of my favorite recipes came from one of the first few weeks of the challenge: one color. I didn't want to do something "normal" colored like green or even red. I had to step outside of the box for this one - purple potatoes! While I made other purple things alongside these potatoes, like eggplant steak and red cabbage and radicchio coleslaw, these potatoes definitely rose to meet the purple challenge.

9. Guacamole Wontons

Guac is all the rage right now. And I'll admit I get a little too excited when avocado season starts. I mean, I even put the stuff in ice cream. When the weekly challenge was Food Fusion, I definitely had avocados on the mind...as well as Chinese food. So I created a medley of Mexican and Chinese to appease my taste buds. This recipe is also on the easier side of the things I generally attempt to make - and you can use any of your favorite guacamole recipes, though I prefer a chunkier guac when it comes to filling and frying these bad boys.

8. Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms have somehow become a staple in our diets - mostly because they are crazy easy to throw together and can be customized however you'd like. These particular mushrooms are a recipe borrowed from my favorite food blogger, The Pioneer Woman, meshed with my brother-in-law's stuffed mushroom recipe he prepares every Christmas. I like my mushrooms to be spicy, so I've always opted for a super spicy chorizo instead of traditional sausage for these puppies.

7. Game of Thrones - Tyrion's Leg of Lamb

The Game of Thrones books are known for lavish descriptions of feasts, among other things, so when the weekly challenge was book themed, I was instantly excited to finally get to put to test some recipes from the Unofficial Game of Thrones cookbook I was gifted in college. So excited in fact, that I impulsively bought an entire leg of lamb, just for this challenge. Fortunately, I know more than Jon Snow, especially when it comes to cooking, so I whipped up a feast worthy of the Lannisters.

6. Banana Sushi

If you can spell "bananas" without thinking about Gwen Stefani, then good for you, because I certainly cannot. Either way, I wished I had thought of banana sushi long ago, because it has become of my favorite quick snacks to make in just a couple minutes. And there's so many different ways to make bananas even more delicious, you really can't go wrong. Just a fun way to spruce up an otherwise ordinary breakfast combo!

5. Chicken Marsala

Another staple recipe in my arsenal of quick dinner recipes is chicken marsala. By far one of Nick's most requested recipes since not only is it super quick to prepare, but is also relatively healthy for you as well. This recipe was really the first of the weekly recipes, since it was Week 2's alcohol challenge - right after Week 1's diet foods, for which the asparagus in this picture were made for. I doubled up the recipe that week and devoted myself to this blog and the 52 Weeks of Cooking Challenge from here on out. So I guess you can say this is the recipe that really got this blog on the fast track.

4. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

While I first started making these strawberries in college, and even dug up some pics from a feeble attempt to document them in school, those photos will never see the light of day given their potato quality. Hands-down this is one of my favorite desserts and I actually make them a few times a year for different events while strawberries are in season. They require relatively few ingredients, of which not all are even required to turn out something amazingly delicious. All I know is, my girlfriends are still raving about these, months and even years, after they first consumed them.

3. Chicken Waffles with Maple Sriracha Aioli

Now these chicken waffles portray everything the Starving Chef blog has ever stood for or ever will be - an exceptionally good looking dish that is extremely tasty AND extremely cheap to make. In fact, this recipe is more instructions on how to throw together ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen - and if you don't, they are cheap to buy (and reuse!) so you can still impress your friends and keep your wallet full.

2. Salads in Jars

From time to time I think back on these salads in jars and eagerly await the time I have an excuse to make some of these again. A lot went into each jar and I had a blast designing and deciding what got to go in each one. Nick was particularly fond of the sesame ginger nova lox salad while I was a fan of the American caprese salad. All of the jars were so unique, and delicious, it is hard to actually determine which ones were actually the best. And again, these are so simple to make, and easy to change up to your liking

1. Harry Potter Cakes

Harry Potter is a core piece of my identity, in a strange way, because it was one of the books that inspired me to write constantly as a child and fueled my imagination for the fantasy novel that is currently gathering dust in my computer. I'd like to think that writing about food is something that I was meant to do, because it's the first thing I've truly felt a passion for unlike none other. This recipe was actually for a 2+ ways challenge, and because we spent a significant amount of time at the Harry Potter World in Orlando Florida the previous summer, I still had magic on the mind. And when I recieved the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook as a gift for Christmas, I knew exactly what I needed to make: Harry Potter cakes! Cooking is kind of like doing magic, to me, though I image Snape would not be so happy with my methods to achieve my concoctions - going off book is my favorite way to bake!

It has been such an exciting year for me, and I'm super pumped to have turned out this many recipes in the relatively short time I have been blogging. Thanks for checking me out! Come back soon and keep up with my ever growing collection of recipes!

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