My Local Farmers' Market!

My Local Farmers' Market! Super Hungry? Jump to the Recipe

Who else is ready for the start of farmers' market season!?

In my little town of Medina, Ohio, each Saturday starting late spring, the town square shuts down to allow for a fabulous farmers' market on the bricked streets.

With vendors from all over the state, it's hard to find a bad meal here. Some of the best meats, dips and granolas I've picked up from our local farmers' market! This round I got some fresh ramps, popcorn, jerky, bread, goat cheese and a specialty ramp salt that has greatly enhanced many weeknight meals. Even things like fresh salsa and jelly are coveted items, so I always do my best to pick up a little bit of everything. Most towns will host some kind of farmers' market - whether is weekly or monthly depends on your hometown. Sometimes, markets are open year round - like the West Side Market in Cleveland.

Of course, what farmers' market would be complete without SAMPLES!? Most of the vendor's either own or operate the business directly and have an intimate knowledge of the products they are selling - and are more than happy to offer free samples! Medina's farmers' market usually starts late spring, depending on Northeast Ohio's weather (we've had frost and snow as late as the third week of MAY before!!) but it's early start gives us locals access to ramps and scapes - which can be rare to find in your standard grocery.

I love visiting all kinds of markets, no matter where in the world they are! Check out my trip to a farmers' market in Amsterdam or my trip to Paris' oldest open air market - they truly are a a foodies dream come true, no matter where in the world they are!

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