Halloween Candy Board (CHARCUTER-OUIJA)

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Halloween Candy Board (CHARCUTER-OUIJA) Super Hungry? Jump to the Recipe

If there's one thing I love about spooky season, it's all of the TREATS that come with it! This year I'm summoning up the festive spirit with a few tricks of my own.

That's where my CHARCUTER-OUIJA board comes in handy.


Last Halloween I made this CHARCUTER-OUIJA board for Good Morning America!

charcuterie halloween candy

Whether you like handing out candy or hoarding it for yourself, there's a little bit for everyone on my haunted table.

The most important thing to consider when building a charcuterie board - of any type, meat and cheese included - is that it should be tactile experience that touches all of the senses.

That means, you want a range of sweets on your board - from sugary to sour, crunchy and chewy to soft and airy. Some treats should be open for sharing but leave a few options for individuals to prize for themselves.

halloween candy tray

Best Candy Combo to Raise the DEAD

Here's what I included on my board, plus a few additional ideas for you to try on your own!

  • mini sweets like stroopwafels and Toblerone - add some chocolaty crunch
  • pumpkin spiced whoopie pies and donut holes - some cake-y texture + PUMPKIN SPICE
  • caramel and cheddar cheese popcorn - an unlikely duo that is the best of both worlds
  • goblin preztels - sugary sweet pretzel bites with a hint of sour
  • candy eyes - so your dessert can stare you back
  • jelly pumpkins and sour candies - add a bit of sour chew
  • almonds decorated like olives - a little trick to add to the board
  • boxed candies like Skittles and Gobstoppers - get the box size for optimal joy
  • boxed raisins and healthy treats - for those who don't want or can't have candy, add some sweet and healthy alternatives
  • mini cupcakes - get festively colored frosting
  • apple flavored goodies - like green twists/Twizlers are a great addition
  • add your favorite candies too!

halloween char-boo-terie


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Halloween Candy Board (CHARCUTER-OUIJA)

  • Number of Servings: 10
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
Halloween Candy Board (CHARCUTER-OUIJA)


  • mini stroopwafels, candy caramel cones, etc
  • mini wrapped candies (mini Toblerone, Reeses pumpkins, etc)
  • pumpkin spiced donut holes, cupcakes, whoopie pies, etc
  • caramel and cheddar popcorn or your favorite fall flavors of popcorn
  • goblin/purple pretzels with sugar candy eyes
  • jelly pumpkins, Sour Patch Kids, and other sour or chewy candies
  • candies 'disguised like other food' (almonds like look like almonds, mini jelly food, etc)
  • theater box sized options (Skittles, Bunch-a-Crunch, Gobstoppers, etc)
  • healthy options (boxed raisins, green apple slices, etc)

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  1. Arrange your spooky treats on a festive Halloween or Ouija themed serving tray. Enjoy on Halloween!

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