Since I prefer to think of cooking as a form of art, I also prefer to think of myself as an artist - and as with most struggling artists just starting off in the world, I am down right broke!

I am the Starving Chef. And I will write for food.

My name is Felicia and while cooking recently became a passion of mine, writing has always been the core of what drives me to express myself. This blog is to inspire myself to write - and cook - as much as I can.

While in college at Ohio University, I took a class about writing and modern culture and the professor had everyone in the class create a blog to post about anything they wanted. At the time, I was self-teaching myself the basics of cooking and took it upon myself to utilize this blog to document my journey. I had dabbled in blog writing for my entire college career, but when I was given the assignment to actually create a food blog, I was instantly hooked.

I began writing at an early age, inspired mostly by series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Silverwing. I still take part in fantasy writing from time to time, but it's taken a 'back burner' in my life to mastering the craft of blogging. I prefer to take a no-frills approach to blogging and try to get straight to the recipe without going off on too many tangents - but hey, I'm a writer with the gift of gab, it'll happen.

The cooking skills came much later in life, when I realized that making my own food from scratch was generally cheaper (and more fulfilling) than ordering to-go meals, and this caused me to teach myself everything I needed to know about cooking. Not everything comes out the way I plan. Sometimes I forget to add an ingredient or burn something terribly. Nobody is perfect - but cooking is a journey and a challenge! Food is art, and it's meant to be played with. I believe there are no flavors you don't like, just tastes you haven't acquired yet. With enough time and practice, anyone can be a great cook. I've learned so much about cooking and food over the last few years - and thanks to the trusty internet, now I can share this knowledge with you.

Now I live in just south of Cleveland, Ohio with my boyfriend, Nick, and our adorable puppies, Theodore and Luna - all of which will make appearances throughout my blog. Nick is the biggest supporter of my blog - he even eats the mess ups and weird things I make AND he cleans up the kitchen for me. Theo and Luna on the other hand would rather I stop cooking people food altogether and focus strictly on recipes for dogs.

So friends, that's a little bit about myself. Please like, comment, and share my blog if you find a recipe that you want to try - and if you actually try it, let me know how it went! I love getting feedback on my recipes, so the more comments, the better.

I'm a chef on a dime, but I'm never actually hungry. ENJOY!