Steakhouse-Style Ahi Tuna Steaks with Pineapple Mango Salsa

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ahi tuna steaks recipe

What’s Up, Hungry People!

I’ve been buzzing with excitement for this week’s culinary showdown: the mighty steakhouse theme! A few weeks back, I snagged some frozen ahi tuna steaks on sale and have been itching for the perfect occasion to whip them up.

Now, ahi tuna isn’t just sushi’s sexy cousin; it’s a mainstay on steakhouse menus everywhere. And let me tell you, there’s no better partner in crime for ahi tuna than a zesty pineapple mango salsa.

No, it’s not sweet and spicy like a telenovela, but it’s close.

Here’s What You Need

  • Pineapple: Adds a sweet, tropical tang to the salsa.
  • Mango: Complements the pineapple with its own unique sweetness and texture.
  • Red Onion: Provides a sharp, pungent counterpoint to the sweet fruits in the salsa.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Offers acidity to balance out the sweetness and meld the flavors.
  • Jalapeno Pepper: Kicks up the heat, adding a spicy element to the salsa.
  • Fresh Basil: Adds an aromatic, herbal note both to the salsa and as a garnish for the tuna.
  • Garlic: Infuses the salsa with a robust, savory depth of flavor.
  • Sugar: Slightly enhances the natural sweetness of the fruits.
  • Salt & Pepper: Basic seasoning for enhancing all the other flavors, used in both the salsa and tuna.
  • Ahi Tuna Steaks: The star of the dish, offering a meaty, ocean-fresh flavor.
  • Cayenne Pepper: Adds a fiery kick to the tuna steaks.
  • Peppercorns: Provide a fragrant, spicy note when melted with butter.
  • Butter: Helps in searing the tuna and adds a rich, creamy flavor.
easy mango salsa for tuna

The Magic of Pineapple Mango Salsa

I had a couple of mangos and some lingering pineapple chunks left from a family shindig—yeah, we’re big on fruit. So, I decided to let these so-called “leftovers” shine in a pineapple mango salsa. Now, this isn’t just a random concoction. I tweaked my go-to mango salsa recipe by subbing out strawberries for pineapples.

Hot tip: Make this salsa ahead of time, maybe a day or even two, to let those flavors really meld together.

peppercorns in skillet

Let’s Cook!

Next on the agenda, I cranked up a skillet and tossed in a knob of butter along with a smattering of peppercorns. You’ll know it’s go-time when those peppercorns start dancing like they’re in a Broadway show. Yep, that means your skillet is ready for the tuna steaks to make their grand entrance.

frying tuna steaks

To Sear or Not to Sear, That Is the Question

Now, let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room: cooking tuna with a hot pink center. Look, I get it. Some people get all squeamish about it. Not me, though. Especially when dealing with frozen tuna steaks. Contrary to popular myth, frozen doesn’t mean the fish is any less fresh. Just chat with your local fishmonger about the quality, and you’ll find that even ‘sushi grade’ tuna takes a freezer nap before meeting your plate.

steak seared tuna

The Grand Finale: Seared Tuna Steaks

For my ahi tuna steaks, I went all out for that perfect golden sear. Call me old-fashioned, but I opted for a well-done tuna steak this time around. And you know what? After letting it rest a few minutes post-skillet, that steak flaked apart like it was auditioning for a slow-motion food commercial.

easy tuna steaks

The Perfect Serve

Ready for the pièce de résistance? Pile those seared ahi tuna steaks high with your pre-made pineapple mango salsa. Round out the plate with some fresh-from-the-oven steak fries and a zingy cilantro lime dipping sauce.

Quick Tips for Nailing Your Ahi Tuna Steaks and Pineapple Mango Salsa

  • Ingredient Quality: Always aim for the freshest ingredients, especially for the tuna. Consult your local fishmonger for the best cuts.
  • Prepping the Salsa: Make the salsa ahead of time to allow the flavors to meld together. It’ll be worth the wait, trust me.
  • Skillet Heat: Make sure your skillet is hot enough before adding the tuna. You want a quick sear, not a slow cook.
  • Tuna Doneness: Your searing time will depend on your preferred tuna doneness. The cooking times listed are guidelines, so keep an eye on it.
  • Resting Time: Let your tuna steaks rest a bit after searing to lock in the juices and make them easier to slice.
  • Optional Garnish: While basil is mentioned, feel free to experiment with other fresh herbs like cilantro or mint for a different flavor profile.
steak house tuna copycat

After conquering this ahi tuna steaks with pineapple mango salsa recipe, I have zero regrets about that impulsive tuna purchase weeks ago. This dish is the epitome of what steakhouse dreams are made of—minus the hefty bill at the end. And hey, those leftover fruits from the family gathering? They just found their highest calling in that salsa. A special shoutout to those who share my disregard for the “pink center phobia” in tuna; you guys know how to live on the edge.

Can’t wait to hear how you Hungry People tackle this one. Enjoy!

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Ahi Tuna Steaks with Pineapple Mango Salsa

The Starving Chef
Savor the tropical fusion of ahi tuna steaks paired with a zesty pineapple mango salsa.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Chill Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Date Night, Seafood



  • 1 cup pineapple chopped & drained
  • 1 cup mango chopped & drained
  • ½ cup red onion chopped
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 jalapeno pepper chopped
  • 4 tablespoons fresh basil chopped + more for topping
  • 3 tablespoons garlic minced
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • salt & pepper to taste



  • In a small bowl, combine all the salsa ingredients. Chill the mixture for at least one hour, or up to one day, until you're ready to cook and serve the tuna steaks. This salsa pairs equally well with beef steak or chicken breasts.
  • Melt the butter in a skillet over high heat. Add the peppercorns and cook them until they begin to pop and crack. Season the tuna steaks with cayenne pepper and salt.
  • Add the ahi tuna steaks to the pan. Sear them for 2-5 minutes per side, depending on your preferred level of doneness. For rare, sear for 1-2 minutes on each side; for medium, cook 2-4 minutes per side; and for well-done, cook 3-5 minutes per side. After flipping, season with additional salt, to taste.
  • Let the steaks rest for about five minutes after cooking. Garnish them with fresh basil and top with the pineapple mango salsa. Serve alongside homemade steak fries. Enjoy!
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