Beef Stroganoff Meatballs | Dutch Oven Recipes

Jan. 14, 2018| Labels: Meatballs , Beef , Soup , Gemelli

It's a not-so-traditional twist on a classic dish - beef stroganoff, but with meatballs and in soup form!

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Mesquite Pork Taquitos | Air Fryer Recipes

Jan. 07, 2018| Labels: Air Fryer , Tacos , Mexican , Pork , Pork Loin

Who else got an Air Fryer for Christmas? Oil-less fryers are all the rage right now as they are the perfect alternative to deep frying foods to achieve that desired *crunch.* It works almost like a mini convection oven, circulating the hot air all around the food to make it perfectly crisp.

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French Onion Soup | Instant Pot Recipes

Dec. 17, 2017| Labels: French Onion , Onion , Soup , Instant

My boyfriend got me an Instant Pot for Christmas this year. And when it shows up on your porch with a picture of what's in the box on the side and he's not fast enough to get to the door before you, you get to open your Christmas present early. Naturally, I had to try it out within seconds of pulling it out of the box - and decided to make French onion soup for the inaugural run of my brand new Instant Pot!

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Crab Rangoon Sticks

Dec. 10, 2017| Labels: Chinese , Crab , Rangoon , Dip , Wonton Wrappers

Crab rangoon is one of my guilty pleasures. I always get a double order whenever I get Chinese take out - I seriously cannot get enough. Tonight I made crab rangoon in a whole new way. Instead of mixing the cheese and crab in a little pouch, these dippable crab sticks take the take-out classic to an entirely new level of amazingness.

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White Chocolate Cranberry Mason Jar Cookies

Dec. 03, 2017| Labels: Cookies , Dessert , Cranberry , White Chocolate

This week, I'm doing a whole different take on "meal prepping" by prepping desserts in mason jars. I'm a big giver of homemade gifts, so this year, I'm handing out DIY cookie kits; specifically, white chocolate cranberry cookies. 

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White Chicken Chili | 30 Minute Meals

Nov. 19, 2017| Labels: Chili , Chicken , Video Recipe , Jalapenos

It's just starting to snow outside as I write this. I'm most certainly not ready for the snow this early, so to combat the cold, I'm cooking the one thing that's name implies the opposite effect: chili. And not just any chili - white chicken chili.

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