Rainbow Fruit Pizza

May. 28, 2017| Labels: Pizza , Mango , Blueberry , Oranges , Strawberry , Pineapple , Kiwi , Cheesecake , Cookies

It's nearly sweet, sweet summer time, which means it's officially cookout season. Whenever I go to a backyard party, I'm always sure to pack food in force so that everyone's bellies are guaranteed to be full and happy. This weekend I made some really easy fruit pizza for a portable dessert.

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Spiralized Hot Dogs with Gruyere & Spinach

May. 21, 2017| Labels: Hot Dogs , Gruyere , Spinach , Mozzarella , Fire Roasted , Campfire

It's finally starting to feel like summer up here in North East Ohio - and that means it's time to uncover the log pile in the back yard and get to cooking over the open flames. If there's one thing I remember fondly from the summers of my youth, it would be roasting hot dogs with friends and fam in the backyard.

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Spinach & Leek Frittata | Whole 30 Recipes

May. 14, 2017| Labels: Eggs , Frittata , Spinach , Leek , Tomatoes

Everyone I know has been going on and on about the Whole 30 Diet. It's a pretty simple concept: avoid sugar, grains, alcohols, legumes, soy and dairy to get on track for a healthier lifestyle. 

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Geode Cookies

May. 07, 2017| Labels: Cookies , Candy , Chocolate , Icing

Geodes are nature's little treasure troves. Crack one open and you'll find it is lined with sparkling minerals and crystals. But when it comes to geode cookies, you're in store for a much sweeter surprise!

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Ginger Shrimp Spring Rolls

Apr. 30, 2017| Labels: Ginger , Shrimp , Rice Noodles , Romaine Lettuce , Asian , Peanut Butter , Sriracha

We've breezed right through spring here in Northeast Ohio. In less than three weeks we've gone from seven inches of snow to now almost ninety degrees outside. While my mind and body play catch up to the weather, I've been craving all the fresh flavors of the season - and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with some spring rolls?

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Puff Pastry & Prosciutto Asparagus Twists

Apr. 23, 2017| Labels: Asparagus , Puff Pastry , Prosciutto , appetizers

Looking for an easy, but impressive looking appetizer? These tasty twists combine crispy puff pastry, salty prosciutto and fresh asparagus to make a simple yet elegant app perfect for any spring afternoon.

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