Plum Bourbon Bison Meatballs | Great Range Bison

Oct. 10, 2018| Labels: Sponsored Post , Great Range Brand Bison , Bison , Meatballs

Bison meat plays well with sweeter flavors because of the rich and savory notes that aren’t found in more traditional meats. It’s lean but still tender and juicy with a flavor that’s superior to beef. 

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Oozing Meatloaf Brain

Oct. 07, 2018| Labels: Halloween , Halloween Party , Meatloaf , Mozzarella , Ricotta , BBQ

Tonight we are going on a murderous cooking spree.

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Pumpkin Butter Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Sep. 30, 2018| Labels: Apples , Pumpkin , Cinnamon , cinnamon rolls , Apple Pie , Pumpkin Butter

Today we are making pumpkin butter apple pie cinnamon rolls with a maple cream cheese frosting. They're all of the quintessential flavors of fall rolled up into a delicious cinnamon bun.

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White Chocolate Banana Pumpkin Muffins

Sep. 23, 2018| Labels: Banana , Pumpkin , Muffins

Today we’re making "no-mess" white chocolate banana pumpkin muffins to welcome autumn's arrival. These muffins require no mixing bowl or spoon - only a large gallon baggie that will do all the work for you!

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KNOW YOUR: Apples (with homemade apple cider recipe!)

Sep. 16, 2018| Labels: Apples , Apple Cider , Drinks

Apple picking season is right around the corner. I'm ready to get out and get to pickin' - but first, I want to get to know as many different types of apples as I can get my hands on.

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Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jelly

Aug. 19, 2018| Labels: Peppers , Jelly , Garden

The last few weeks I’ve been featuring recipes made from the veggies I grew in my garden. This week, I’m drowning in peppers so I decided to make my all-time favorite: sweet and spicy pepper jelly.

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