Cranberry Orange Balsamic Chicken | One Pan Meals

Nov. 12, 2017| Labels: Cranberry , Oranges , Balsamic Vinegar , Chicken Thighs , One Pan Meals

I'm warming up to the holiday season with an easy one pan dish to eat while you plan Thanksgiving dinner. With a tangy, sticky skin and juicy, fall-off-the-bone chicken thighs, this dish might make you even rethink serving turkey on T-day.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

Nov. 05, 2017| Labels: British , Toffee , Pudding

I love love love trying new recipes, but sometimes I'm stumped as to what I should try next! A few weeks back, I got a request for sticky toffee pudding - and honestly, it's now probably my favorite dessert, perhaps ever.

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Demogorgon Meatloaf | Stranger Things Food From the Upsidesdown

Oct. 29, 2017| Labels: Stranger Things , Meatloaf , Turkey , Ground Turkey

The new season of Stranger Things dropped this weekend on Netflix - and I'd be lying if I said I didn't watch the entire season twice through already. Inspired by all things 80s themed and audio-synth tuned, I turned my kitchen Upsidedown by ripping a hole in spacetime and calling up some demogorgons. 

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Puking Pumpkin Nachos

Oct. 22, 2017| Labels: Halloween , Halloween Party , Cheese , Pumpkin

Gross out your trick or treaters with these disgustingly delicious pumpkin puke nachos.

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Puppy Cake Smash

Oct. 15, 2017| Labels: Puppy , Luna , Theo Burrito , Cake

It's a BIG DAY here in the Starving Chef's household! That's right, Luna turned ONE today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOONEY LUNA!

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Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Stew

Oct. 08, 2017| Labels: Sweet Potato , Beef , Stew , Soup , Slow Cooker , Crock Pot

Even though the weather would have you think it is still summer, we are already weeks into fall and on our merry way to winter. Despite the heat, I'm in full blown "soup mode" and am looking for any excuse to whip some up. To convince myself it is really fall, I made a sweet potato stew packed full of autumn flavor.

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