Homemade Pasta Sauce

Aug. 12, 2018| Labels: Tomatoes , Pasta , Sauce , Pasta Sauce , Garden

It’s time to get a little saucy - pasta saucy that is. Today we are making a homemade pasta sauce from heirloom tomatoes, peppers and herbs I grew in my very own garden.

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Caprese Benedict

Aug. 05, 2018| Labels: Eggs Benedict , Zucchini , Hollandaise , Herbs , Tomatoes , Mozzarella

My vegetable garden is pumping out more tomatoes and zucchini than I know what to do with, so I’m trying to get creative when it comes to using up all the fresh veggies and herbs I have in my kitchen. Today, I made a very simple caprese Benedict with an herb infused hollandaise sauce on a zucchini fritter. Its all the fresh flavors of summer packed into one filling meal.

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Fizzy Pumpkin Juice | Harry Potter Recipes

Jul. 22, 2018| Labels: Harry Potter , Pumpkin , Pineapple , Apples

It’s officially Harry Potter week here in the Starving Chef's kitchen. Every year during the last week in July, I eat and drink all things Hogwarts to celebrate The Boy Who Lived. 

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Beer Brined Shrimp Burgers | Whole Foods Market 365

Jul. 16, 2018| Labels: Whole Foods Market 365 , Shrimp , Grilled , Burgers

Looking for a delicious twist on a backyard cookout classic? These shrimp burgers will put regular ol' beef burgers to shame; they are easy to make, quick to cook, and exploding with summertime flavor.

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Cheesecake STUFFED Strawberries

Jul. 02, 2018| Labels: Strawberries , Cheesecake , Dessert

If one merely utters the word cheesecake to me, I go weak in the knees. Truly one of the best desserts around, combine it with fresh strawberries, and you've got a mouthful of amazingness.

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Pulled Pork Sloppy Joes

Jun. 24, 2018| Labels: Instant Pot , Pork , BBQ , Sandwich

Today we are going to be making pulled pork sloppy joes in the Instant Pot! Depending on how much time you have, this recipe can either be made under the pressure cooker setting in just an hour or two; or if you have time to spare, you can use the slow cooker setting and let it go all day. 

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