Sriracha Maple Chicken Waffles

Apr. 15, 2018| Labels: Sous Vide , Chicken , Waffles , Chicken Thighs , Sriracha , Maple

I have a thing for topping waffles with more than just your standard maple syrup and butter. In fact, I probably prefer my waffles to be savory rather than sweet.

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Black Truffle Butter | What is a black truffle anyway?

Apr. 08, 2018| Labels: Know Your Food , Truffle Butter , Black Truffle

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Beef Round Roast | Easter Dinner

Mar. 25, 2018| Labels: Easter , Roasted , Roast Beef , Beef , Horseradish , Mustard , Onions

Simple and delicious round roast beef - it's tender and delicious, and while it cooks, I've added two BONUS recipes to this post so you can be ahead of the game for Easter next weekend.

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Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Polenta Cakes

Mar. 18, 2018| Labels: Polenta , Shrimp , Jalapenos , Spicy , Corn

Polenta is all the rage right now. It's gluten-free, vegan friendly and the perfect base for a sweet and spicy shrimp topping. Fried in ghee, these polenta cakes are soon to be the talk of the town.

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Mushroom Spinach Puffs

Mar. 04, 2018| Labels: Mushrooms , Spinach , Puff Pastry , Mozzarella , Gruyere

Creamy mushroom and spinach puffs - it's the perfect app for a fancy dinner party or as finger food at a tailgate. 

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Mar. 04, 2018| Labels: Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how the recipe videos you see every so often in your Facebook feed get made? When you're a food blogger like myself, there's no such thing as just cooking a recipe.

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