Tywin Lannister's Oxtail Stew | Game of Thrones Recipes

Mar. 31, 2019| Labels: Game of Thrones , Offal , Oxtail , Stew , Noodles , Bread

This week we are exploring the cuisine of Westeros, starting in the ruins of Harrenhal.

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Bitch Lasagna RECIPE

Mar. 24, 2019| Labels: Soup , Lasagna , Mozzarella , Parmesan , Tomatoes

If you like dank memes, you'll like bitch lasagna.

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Protein Shake HACKS | AmBari Nutrition

Mar. 17, 2019| Labels: Sponsored Post , Protein , AmBari , Smoothies

I’ve been trying to get in shape for our upcoming wedding, so when Kevin from Ambari Nutrition approached me about trying his protein powders, I was instantly all-in. As a fellow Northeast Ohioian, I am excited to team up with his business based out of Amherst, Ohio – as well as get fit in the process!

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Po'Boy Pizza

Mar. 03, 2019| Labels: Shrimp , Pizza , Mardi Gras , Remoulade , Mozzarella

Let the good times roll this Mardi Gras with a twist on a Louisiana classic: the po'boy pizza! 

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Chicken Nacho Soup

Feb. 24, 2019| Labels: Soup , Chicken , Nacho , Cheese , Salsa

Let's taco about nacho soup.

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Thai Lettuce Wraps with BISON!

Feb. 21, 2019| Labels: Sponsored Post , Bison , Great Range Brand Bison

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