Eighty Layer Crepe Tiramisu for Two

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Alright, folks. I’m about to blow your minds. This forty layer tiramisu was made with just ten – that’s right – TEN crepes. And only has FIVE ingredients total. That’s right – FIVE INGREDIENTS. THAT’S NOT ALL! From start to finish – this tiramisu only takes THIRTY MINUTES. This is NOT a drill. This tiramisu is a Valentine’s day hack anyone looking to WOW their significant other with a homemade dessert.

Obnoxious words in all-caps aside, I think I’ve stumbled upon a secret dessert that more people should know about. First of all, tiramisu is amazing however it’s served. And technically doing it this way is called Mille-Crepe Tiramisu (because duh, it’s made of crepes and not cake or lady fingers). But flavor wise, it’s nearly identical to the real deal.

The first hack in this recipe is to buy pre-made crepes. Seriously. At my grocery store, I found packages of pre-made crepes near the strawberries and shortcakes in the produce section.

Initially I had grabbed a package of ten thinking I’d make a savory crepe dinner or I’d eat them with some peanut butter, but then inspiration struck when I was craving something extra sweet.

Second: make the filling from scratch. Or don’t. You can totally buy a bottle of whipped cream and stir in the mascarpone. But if you do decide to make it from scratch, all you need is some heavy whipping cream, mascarpone and sugar. Whip the cream and sugar until fluffy, then fold in the mascarpone until smooth.

You’ll want to start building the tiramisu on a cutting board or similar surface that you’ll have some work space and be able to pick up and transfer the tiramisu to a serving plate. It’s gonna get a little messy around the edges. Just spread the filling in an even layer across a single crepe, all the way to the edges. Place another crepe on top and repeat – but take care not to press too hard, or else the filling below may come out of the edges.

My layers weren’t perfect by any means, but I did try to get an even amount of filling in each layer. Continue until all ten crepes have been used, and be sure to spread a thin layer on the very top crepe as well.

But wait! Now you’ve used all ten crepes and only have a tiny cake that’s not forty layers!?


Cut the crepes in half with a large, sharp knife. Use a spatula to help lift up one half and place it on top of the other half so that the cut is along one side and the curved edges of the crepes line up. Congratulations. You now have a twenty layer tiramisu.

You can probably figure out the next step to get forty layers. Yep, cut the crepes in half again and place one half on top of the other half. Line up the edges nicely and use a spoon to spread the remaining filling on the curved edge of the crepes.

Now it looks like you have a forty layer tiramisu that was sliced out of a much larger tiramisu cake!

I used parchment paper to cover the sides of the tiramisu while I used a mesh screen strainer to carefully cover the top of the cake with cocoa and espresso powder. Then I peeled away the parchment to reveal clean edges and transferred it to a serving plate to chill until I was ready to bust it out after dinner.

Although it was too much cake for Nick and I to eat all in one sitting (admittedly, you probably shouldn’t eat the entire cake as two servings at once anyways, because calories), my coworkers were lucky enough to get to taste the leftovers the next day – and were blown away that the whole dessert took less than thirty minutes from start to finish.

They thought it took hours to make.

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Eighty Layer Crepe Tiramisu for Two

The Starving Chef
From start to finish – this tiramisu only takes THIRTY MINUTES. NOTE: DOUBLE THIS RECIPE FOR 80 LAYERS!
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Date Night, Dessert, Valentine’s Day
Cuisine Date Night, Valentine’s Day
Servings 2


  • 10 crepes
  • 1 cups heavy wrhipping cream
  • cup sugar
  • ½ cup mascarpone cheese
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons espresso powder optional, mix with cocoa powder


  • In a large bowl, use a hand mixer to whisk together the cream and sugar until light and fluffy. Fold in the mascarpone cheese until smooth.
  • Use a cutting board or similar work surface. Start with the first crepe and spread an even layer of the whipped cream mix all the way to the edges of the crepe. Place a second crepe on top so the edges are lined up, then gently spread an even layer of the whipped cream mix to the edges. Repeat with the remaining eight crepes so that they are all stacked with aligned edges.
  • Spread the whipped cream filling in a thin layer on the top of the crepes. Use a sharp knife to cut through the center of the crepes. Use a spatula to lift one half of the crepes and carefully place on the top of the other half so that the curve of the crepes are aligned.
  • Cut the stacked crepes in half again, and use the spatula to lift one half and place on top of the other so that there are forty layers of crepes and filling.
  • Use cut parchment paper to cover the exposed edges and curve of the crepes. Press just hard enough that the parchment is stuck to the tiramisu.
  • Whisk together the cocoa powder and espresso powder, if using. Use a mesh strainer to sprinkle the cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu so that the entire top is covered in cocoa powder. Remove the parchment paper to reveal clean edges.
  • Transfer the tiramisu to a serving plate. Chill until ready to serve or eat at right away at room temperature. Serve with a kiss. Enjoy!


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