Mango Salsa

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels: Mango , Salsa , Fruit

    My mango salsa recipe is by far one of my most requested recipes. My mom calls it "crack salsa" because she literally cannot stop eating it, it's so good! It's the perfect combo of sweet and heat with a refreshing crisp of cucumber.

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    Tentacle Soup | Avatar: The Last Airbender Recipes

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels: Avatar , Seafood , Soup

    One of the most adorable creatures in the Avatar universe has to be the pentapus, which is the five tentacled sibling of the real life octopus. After cleverly using pentapusi (I suppose that would be the plural form of pentads?) Sokka is able to free the captured city of Omashu by tricking the Fire Nation guards into releasing all of the trapped citizens by feigning “peta-pox.” The suction cup marks left by the pentapus on the skin of the ‘sick’ inhabitants fooled the guards into letting the entire population merely walk out the front gate, much to the Governor displeasure (especially considering his child happened to accidentally be ‘kidnapped’ by those leaving the city).

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    Cabbage Steak | Avatar: The Last Airbender Recipes

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels: Avatar , Vegetarian , Cabbage


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    Thai Turkey Burger with Cucumber Relish

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels: Thai , Turkey , Burgers , Cucumber , Relish

    I'm always looking for new ways to dress up what I would consider an otherwise boring burger. When I found some ground turkey in my refrigerator, the wheels in my head started turning. Turkey burgers are not only a healthier alternative to their beefy counterparts, in my opinion, it even tastes better than beef.

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    OHIO Bobcat Broccoli Salad

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels: Ohio University , Athens, Ohio , Broccoli , Salad

    Across the nation, from Massachusetts, where the idea of the greatest university was first conceived at the most appropriate of places, a bar, to California, where Bobcats celebrate football season, likely in a bar, and every state in-between, even around the globe, Bobcats never hesitate to show off their green and white pride.

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    Brie & Date Stuffed Mushrooms | Stuffed | Week 48

    Dec. 10, 2019 | Labels:

    Brie is by far my favorite type of cheese. Its tangy nuttiness blends perfectly with anything and everything, from sweet to savory. This recipe combines the best of all worlds, finding savory in the mushrooms and sweetness with the date and green onion topping.

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