Food from Disney’s Magic Kingdom & Epcot

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You guys. I’ve finally made it to Disney world! after nearly 30 years on this planet, I can finally say I’ve been to the most magical place on earth. In fact, I visited all 4 parks, in just three days!

But before you get too excited, I unfortunately lost my wallet somewhere between Epcot and Hollywood studios, so I wasn’t able to taste test as much as I would have hoped. And in all honestly, its probably a good thing I lost my wallet because I was running out of money anyway. Disney is expensive, yo.

Our second day at Disney was my first day ever at Magic Kingdom – if you missed my first day at Disney’s Animal kingdom, check out my adventures at the Satu’li Canteen and beyond RIGHT HERE.

After spending a childhood dreaming of going to Disney World, I finally was able to soak in the sights and smells of Magic Kingdom. We even got passes to get in early and stay extra late so that we could fully experience everything that the Magic Kingdom has to offer. If you want to know how you can get early morning magic passes, access to the moonlight magic party and more, check out my girl Karli who planned our entire trip from start to finish. You can follow her on Instagram @PerfectlyPlannedTrips or contact her on facebook at Karli Keene Affiliate of ET Family Travel to get your Disney trip planned perfectly, for free!

We started our morning at Magic Kingdom at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe – our Early Morning Magic tickets included a delectable pancake breakfast to kick off the day. To mark the park’s 70th anniversary, they even served Cinderella themed croissants.

After the Starlight we meandered over the Dumbo’s big top – and after a quick spin on the iconic ride, we headed into the tent to check out the crazy circus themed snacks. Practically anything can be candy coated if you try hard enough

From there we managed to snag a reservation at the Beast’s Castle.

The Be Our Guest Restaurant is complete with talking suits of armor, high ceilings with beautiful chandeliers and a dining room decked out with portraits from Beauty and the Beast.

For our main courses we both had a French dip sandwich with au jus and French fries. If you know me, you know I never turn down an opportunity for a French dip!

For dessert, Karli had the lemon meringue cupcake which is basically a traditional vanilla cupcake filled with lemon custard and toasted meringue icing.

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying the “Grey Stuff” on the Master’s Cupcake – which is a chocolate sponge cake topped with Lumiere’s grey stuff, which turns out is essentially a super creamy vanilla mousse.

We decided to take a much needed afternoon nap with the intent to return the same evening to get to experience Disney after dark.

That night we returned to the magic kingdom just in time for my first ever fireworks show – and let me tell you, if you’ve never seen this show in person, videos can never truly capture the magic of this incredible light show.

Thanks to Karli’s Disney Vacation Club membership, we were able to continue enjoying practically empty rides, meet characters like Flynn Ryder, hold the glass slipper with Cinderella AND Prince Charming, and meet up with Frozone and Edna Mode after riding in the front seat of Space Mountain!

All and all, I definitely prefer Disney after dark.

The next morning we made our triumphant return to the Magic Kingdom to get a quick bite to eat at the Sleepy Hollow.

Karli got the fresh fruit waffle sandwich that comes with a generous topping of a chocolate hazelnut spread.

I got arguably my favorite meal in the entire Magic Kingdom: sweet and spicy chicken waffles! Topped with coleslaw and served taco-waffle style, this chicken waffle sandwich was surprisingly spicy and absolutely the perfect way to start the morning.

To cool off our taste buds, we turned to the ice cream stand near Pirates of the Caribbean where I got to enjoy my first ever official Dole whip.

From here, disaster struck and I’m positive Captain Jack had something to do with it. While en route to the International Flower and Garden show at Epcot, my wallet went missing. And I didn’t even notice until we had been at Epcot for well over an hour! So unfortunately, from here, I decided to focus on getting drunk to forget my wallet was gone…

Our first drinks were mango margaritas in Mexico, which were strong enough to make me start forgetting my woes long enough to dig into some chunky guacamole and try some delicious churro bites, which DEFINITELY helped me to temporarily get over the loss of my wallet and enjoy my remaining time at Epcot, especially after the second triple layered margarita. Funny how tequila solves all your problems.

The garden show is also a great distraction with crazy topiaries and minuture displays every few steps, there’s always something to stop and stare at.

After Mexico, we meandered over to France for some ice cream and of course, some frozen orange rose.

I know I got you hyped about all the food at all the Disney parks – and sadly, it’s hard to buy more food when you have no wallet to buy things with. If you want me to return to Disney’s Hollywood studios and eat my way through Galaxy’s Edge, hit that thumbs up button and I’ll go back if this video gets one thousand likes.

But don’t you fret, that’s not all of my foodie adventures from my trip to Florida. Did I mention we went to the OTHER most magical place on earth? A place for REAL magic? That’s right folks, my epic journey concludes at the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter! So don’t forget to flip that sub button and ring the dinner bell to be the first to know when my next adventure goes live.

Where should I travel to next? With everything that’s going on, we’ve postponed our honeymoon and now we need new ideas for where to go as soon as we’re out of quarantine. Leave you suggestions down in the comments below.

I hope you all enjoyed and I hope we’re out of quarantine soon because I thought today was Tuesday and its actually Wednesday and thats why this video was posted on Thursday. Happy quarantine!