Game of Thrones Recipes

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The excitement for the premiere of Game of Thrones sixth season is palpable in the Starving Chef’s household. Over the past several days leading up to the premiere, my kitchen has transformed into Westeros. From King’s Landing to the Dreadfort, to Pentos and beyond, every meal was inspired to look and taste like it came straight out of the books (or show). Mild, past season spoilers may be in the post ahead – you’ve been warned!

Baratheon Boar Ribs

“Eat the bastard. Don’t care if you choke on him. Promise me, Ned.” The boar that killed Robert Baratheon in the very first book was also served up at his funeral feast as revenge for the King. Served alongside root vegetables from the cellar of Winterfell, buttered bread and plenty of wine – these braised ribs were certainly fit for a King.

Read the recipe here.

Hot Pie’s Direwolf Bread

The Inn at the Crossroads is a location frequented by many characters throughout the books and television series. It seems that at least once per season a pair of characters winds up there (sometimes crossing paths with other characters) and is served by Hot Pie, who you might remember from the beginning of the series who stayed behind at the Inn to work for the Keep after baking the best bread the Keep had ever tasted – this is that recipe.

Read the recipe here.

House Bolton Stuffed Squash

Despite my hatred for Ramsay Bolton, I’d still like to think that the rest of his family is not quite as demented. Sure they may like to flay men alive, but they might still have some highbrow tastes in food. Inspired by the Bolton’s stay in Winterfell, these squash are stuffed with healthy fats and proteins to keep your men moving despite the impending cold approaching.

Read the recipe here.

King’s Landing Pigeon Pie

Pigeon Pie is another popular dish that shows up many times throughout the books and show, in almost every town and kingdom of Westeros, you are sure to find some variation of the poultry packed pies. My recipe was inspired by the pie served at Joffery’s wedding.

Read the recipe here.

Tyrion’s Leg of Lamb

Lamb is commonly eaten throughout the books during many important feasts. It is requested by noblemen and peasants alike, and was even served at the infamous Red Wedding. Tyrion’s lamb is inspired by the flavors of King’s Landing and stuffed with pine nuts, spinach and goat cheese.

Read the recipe here.

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

Sansa’s favorite dessert has always been lemon cakes. She grew up dreaming of living in King’s Landing, where the cakes are a frequent delicacy. Usually seen served to the women in the gardens, these tangy treats are also popular at weddings, including Sansa’s.

Read the recipe here.

Pentoshi Mushrooms with Garlic Orzo

We leave Westeros to journey to Pentos, where the Targaryens took up temporary residence before Daenerys joined up with the Dothraki khalasar. Tyrion Lannister also spends time in the free city before traveling to meet Dany herself in Meereen. The flavors of this dish were inspired by the geography of Pentos, between the sea and the flatlands.

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Sandor Clegane’s Roasted Hen

Also known as the Hound, Sandor Clegane is a well-known and deservedly-feared head of the King’s Guard during Joffery’s reign. While he certainly is no knight, he’s not entirely without compassion, though it’s not necessarily shown. When stopping with Arya on their way to the Eryie, the Hound kills a man over a roasted chicken.

Read the recipe here.

The Red Woman’s Trifle

Speculation abounds about Melisandre’s arrival at the Wall, just as Jon Snow lays dead in the snow. The Red priestess might just be the one who brings him back. In the meantime, we can distract ourselves with trifle until we can finally learn the secrets of the Red Woman. This red velvet and cheesecake trifle can be topped with spicy cinnamon for an extra burst of heat

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