Game-Day Favorite: Ohio University-Inspired Broccoli Salad

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ohio university broccoli salad

What’s up, Hungry Bobcats!

Today, I have an exciting recipe for you that perfectly complements the lobster fest season and showcases our beloved green and white colors. Whether you’re a die-hard Bobcat or not, this green and white broccoli salad will make a delightful addition to your own lobster bake at home!

bobcat broccoli salad

Celebrating Bobcat Pride Across the Nation

From the very birthplace of the greatest university at a humble bar in Massachusetts to the spirited Bobcat gatherings in California and every state in between, our Bobcat community never fails to exhibit their immense green and white pride. Even across the globe, Bobcats know how to show off!

Joining the Tradition: Cutler’s Lobster Fest

To honor the Ohio University Alumni Association’s Massachusetts Chapter, which has been diligently preserving the Bobcat legacy, they recently held the first annual Cutler’s Lobster Fest—a remarkable event named after one of our university’s founders. In the spirit of this celebration, I felt it was only fitting to create a recipe that captures the essence of green and white and can be enjoyed alongside a homemade lobster bake.

Embracing the Colors: Green and White Salad

To recreate the vibrant green and white hues of Ohio University, I picked up some fresh broccoli and cauliflower from my local grocery market. While you can personalize your salad with various toppings, the true star of this recipe lies in the dressing—a delightful combination of tangy vinegar and rich Greek yogurt.

ingredients for broccoli salad

Here’s What You Need

  • Broccoli florets: Adds a vibrant green color and a crisp texture to the salad.
  • Cauliflower florets: Provides a mild and slightly nutty flavor while adding another dimension of texture.
  • Plain Greek yogurt: Forms the base of the dressing, providing creaminess and tanginess.
  • White vinegar: Balances the flavors and adds a tangy kick to the dressing.
  • Golden raisins: Introduces a touch of natural sweetness and a pleasant chewy texture to the salad.
  • White corn: Adds a subtle sweetness and crunch to the salad.
  • Shallot: Contributes a mild onion flavor and enhances the overall taste of the salad.
  • Sunflower seeds: Provides a nutty crunch and adds a dose of healthy fats.
  • Bacon: Brings a savory, smoky flavor and adds a crispy texture to the salad.
  • Fried onions: Offers a delightful crunch and adds a savory, caramelized onion flavor to the salad.

Let’s Cook!

Cooking broccoli to perfection requires a crucial step: preparing an ice bath ready to swiftly halt the cooking process. I always make sure to have my ice bath ready beforehand, ensuring that the water temperature is nice and cold when it’s time to transfer the broccoli and cauliflower.

ice bath

Begin by boiling the cauliflower to prevent it from turning green due to the broccoli’s vibrant color. Let it boil for approximately 5-10 minutes, then transfer it to the ice bath while bringing the water back to a rolling boil.

The cauliflower should be tender enough to pierce easily with a fork but still retain some firmness.

boiled cauliflower

Next, add the broccoli to the boiling water and keep a close eye on it.

boiled broccoli

Within 2-4 minutes, as the water reaches a boil again, the broccoli will transform into a brighter green and become fork-tender. Immediately transfer it to the ice bath to preserve its crispness and vibrant color.

drained cauliflower and broccoli

Assembling the Perfect Salad

Once the broccoli and cauliflower have been drained from the ice bath and chilled, it’s time to prepare the dressing. Combine the Greek yogurt, vinegar, and half of the bacon, sunflower seeds, sliced shallots, and raisins. Save the remaining half for garnishing the salad when it’s time to serve it at your lobster bake.

greek dressing

In a large bowl, gently toss the broccoli salad with the dressing, ensuring that every floret is perfectly coated. Add the drained white corn to the mix, adding a touch of sweetness and texture to the dish.

broccoli salad

To finish off this masterpiece, top the salad with the crispy fried onions and sprinkle the remaining raisins, sunflower seeds, and bacon on top. The combination of flavors in this salad beautifully complements the savory taste of lobster. Plus, it serves as a healthier alternative to the usual greasy tailgating fare—perfect for supporting our Bobcats while indulging guilt-free!

broccoli salad with toppings

Tips for Making Green & White Bobcat Broccoli Salad

  • Blanching the broccoli and cauliflower: Blanching helps retain the vibrant green color and crispness of the vegetables. Remember to transfer them to an ice bath immediately after boiling to stop the cooking process.
  • Preparing the ice bath: Ensure that the ice bath is ready before blanching the vegetables. It helps maintain their texture and stops them from overcooking.
  • Chilling the vegetables: After blanching, drain the broccoli and cauliflower and chill them in the refrigerator. This helps them retain their freshness and crispness.
  • Creating a flavorful dressing: The combination of plain Greek yogurt and white vinegar creates a tangy and creamy dressing. Feel free to adjust the quantities according to your taste preferences.
  • Adding texture and sweetness: Golden raisins, white corn, sunflower seeds, and bacon bring different textures and flavors to the salad. They add sweetness, crunch, and a hint of smokiness to enhance the overall experience.
  • Tossing the salad: When combining the dressing with the broccoli and cauliflower, use salad utensils to gently toss the salad. This ensures that every floret is evenly coated with the dressing.
  • Garnishing with fried onions: Sprinkle the fried onions on top of the salad just before serving to provide a crispy and savory element.
  • Serving suggestions: This salad pairs exceptionally well with perfectly cooked lobster or can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to greasy tailgating food. Get creative with other seafood or as a side dish with grilled meats.
  • Sharing the joy: Don’t forget to share your culinary creations with your fellow Hungry Bobcats and celebrate the flavors of Ohio University at home.
ohio university bobcats salad

Let’s get to cooking, Hungry Bobcats, and make this green and white broccoli salad a staple at your lobster bakes, gatherings, or any occasion where deliciousness is required!

In closing, this green and white broccoli salad not only captures the essence of Ohio University but also serves as a flavorful testament to the Bobcat community, celebrating the rich traditions and culinary ingenuity that make our Ohio alma mater truly special. With each bite, savor the vibrant colors and tangy dressing that pay homage to our beloved university, creating a dish that embodies the unwavering spirit and pride of being a Bobcat.

bobcat salad

RECIPE UPDATE: This recipe can now be found in dining halls on campus – so be sure to get a taste if you can!


Green & White Broccoli Salad

The Starving Chef
Experience the true Bobcat spirit with our green and white broccoli salad, inspired by the proud traditions of Ohio University, featuring blanched broccoli, cauliflower, and a creamy Greek yogurt dressing.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Chill Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American, Quick & Easy
Servings 6


  • 16 oz broccoli florets
  • 8 oz cauliflower florets
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons white vinegar
  • ¼ cup golden raisins
  • 1 cup white corn
  • 1 shallot sliced
  • cup sunflower seeds
  • cup bacon cooked & crumbled
  • cup fried onions for topping
  • 4 cup water + 2 cups ice for blanching


  • Chop the broccoli and cauliflower heads into bite-sized florets. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and prepare an ice bath.
  • Add the cauliflower to the boiling water and boil for 5-10 minutes or until fork-tender.
  • Using a slotted spoon, transfer the cauliflower to the ice bath to stop the cooking process and prevent overcooking.
  • Bring the water back to a boil and add the broccoli. Boil for 2-3 minutes until the broccoli is bright green and tender.
  • Using a slotted spoon, transfer the broccoli to the ice bath along with the cauliflower to halt the cooking process.
  • Drain and chill the broccoli and cauliflower.
  • In a bowl, combine the plain Greek yogurt and white vinegar. Stir until smooth.
  • Add a few tablespoons of golden raisins, half of the sliced shallot, and half of the sunflower seeds and crumbled bacon to the dressing. Mix well and chill until serving time.
  • In a large serving bowl, toss the broccoli and cauliflower with the white corn.
  • Pour the dressing over the florets and use salad utensils to gently toss the salad until the florets are completely coated in dressing.
  • Top the salad with fried onions, remaining golden raisins, bacon, and sunflower seeds.
  • Enjoy this delicious green and white broccoli salad alongside a perfectly cooked lobster while cheering on the Bobcat football team! Go Bobcats!
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