A Muggle’s Guide to Polyjuice Potion: Harry Potter Inspired Brew

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recipe for polyjuice drink

What’s Up, Hungry People?

Are you ready for a magical culinary experience straight from the Hogwarts kitchen? It’s Halloween season, and there’s no better time to dive into the Harry Potter universe than now. With the Great Hall getting all decked up in spooky decor—think giant floating pumpkins and enchanted bats—it’s safe to say that Halloween at Hogwarts is a big deal.

And let’s not forget those restless ghosts who throw their own dead man’s party. But hey, not all the action is happening there. Remember the infamous first-floor girls’ lavatory? That’s right, it’s Polyjuice Potion brewing time.

Magical Ingredients in the Wizarding World

In the wizarding world, making Polyjuice Potion is a big deal. It’s the laborious process Hermione braved in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” taking a solid month and requiring some pretty, well, unconventional ingredients. How does lacewing flies, leeches, powdered bicorn horn, and shredded boomslang skin sound? Oh, and don’t forget a snippet of the person you’re planning to morph into. I wouldn’t suggest looking for these in your local grocery store; they’re kinda special order.

Muggle-Friendly Version of Polyjuice Potion

For the Muggle-version, I promise it’s a lot less “ick” and way more “yum.” You’ll need ginger ale, lime sherbet, and some optional pieces of dried fruit like raisins, or if you’re feeling adventurous, slimy things like mandarin oranges. Why the optional ingredients? In J.K. Rowling’s world, Polyjuice Potion has a texture that’s “thick and mud-like,” so these extras give it that authentic feel.

polyjuice potion sherbet drink

Here’s What You Need

  • Lime Sherbet: Provides the base texture and citrusy flavor that makes the potion thick and “mud-like.”
  • Ginger Ale: Adds effervescence and a slightly spicy kick to the potion; creates the bubbling effect.
  • Raisins (optional): Serve as ‘human bits’ for added texture and a hint of natural sweetness.
  • Mandarin Oranges (optional): Adds fruity nuances and another layer of texture; good for visual impact.
  • Vodka or Gin (optional): For an adult version of Polyjuice Potion; adds a boozy kick and complexity.

In the books, polyjuice potion takes about a month to brew and includes ingredients like lacewig flies, leeches, powdered bicorn horn, and shredded boomslang skin and of course, a piece of the person you want to transform into.

diy polyjuice

Let’s Cook!

For a potion that’ll get even Moaning Myrtle excited, freeze the lime sherbet in a large bottle beforehand. Right before you’re ready to serve your homemade magic, pour in the ginger ale. What you’ll see next is pure alchemy—the potion will froth and bubble, making you feel like you’re in Professor Snape’s potions class.

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter-themed bash, grab your cauldron and double the recipe. It’ll be like you’ve got your very own Room of Requirement, but for drinks!

Tips to Brew the Perfect Potion

  • Thawing the Sherbet: It’s crucial to let the sherbet thaw just the right amount. Too runny and you’ll lose that authentic, sludgy Polyjuice Potion texture; too frozen and it won’t mix well. Aim for a consistency that can easily pour through a funnel but is still thick enough to appear “mud-like.”
  • Bottle Angle: When you’re freezing the bottle, angle it so the sherbet sets sideways. This is a purely aesthetic tip, but it does make the potion look more magical.
  • Funnel Use: A funnel is your best friend here. It helps keep things clean and ensures the ginger ale and sherbet mix well. However, if you don’t have a funnel, you can use a measuring cup with a spout for more control.
  • Timing with Ginger Ale: Add the ginger ale right before serving to maintain the effervescence. The longer you wait, the less bubbly your potion will be, and we can’t have that.
  • Adult Version: If you’re going for the adult version, remember that adding alcohol will change the overall taste. Choose a vodka or gin that complements the flavors of lime and ginger.
  • Raisin Ritual: When adding the optional raisin, say the name of the character you want to transform into for added theatrics and fun. Just remember, even if you say “Harry Potter,” you won’t actually turn into him—sadly.
harry potter polyjuice potion recipe

So go on, get your wands ready, and give this spellbinding recipe a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn into your favorite Hogwarts professor or perhaps even Harry himself! Just remember, Polyjuice Potion can’t fix everything; you’re on your own if you accidentally turn into Crabbe or Goyle.

This recipe is as close to the Hogwarts experience as us Muggles can get. Trust me, it’s more magical than finding a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean that’s not earwax flavored. Happy Halloween, Hungry People!

polyjuice potion recipe

Polyjuice Potion | Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

The Starving Chef
A Harry Potter-inspired polyjuice potion recipe that's quick, easy, and magic-free, made with ginger ale, lime sherbet, and optional 'human bits.'
Prep Time 5 minutes
Chill Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Course Fictional Feasts
Cuisine Harry Potter Inspired
Servings 4


  • 2 cups lime sherbet
  • 4 cups ginger ale
  • 4 tablespoons raisins optional as the 'human bits'
  • ½ cup mandarin oranges optional
  • ½ cup vodka or gin for adult polyjuice potion, optional


  • Let the sherbet thaw until it's runny but still mostly frozen. It should be thawed enough to easily pour through a funnel, but still remain very cold. Do not microwave the sherbet.
  • Use a funnel to carefully pour the melted sherbet into a tall glass bottle, enough to fill the bottle about halfway. Add the raisins and mandarin oranges if you're using them. Refreeze the sherbet in the bottle. For a fun effect, freeze the bottle at an angle so that the sherbet appears to be sideways in the bottle.
  • Just prior to serving, use a funnel to add the ginger ale—and alcohol if you're using it—to the bottle until it's full and foam starts coming out of the top.
  • When serving cups of Polyjuice Potion, say the name of the person you want to transform into while dropping a raisin into the potion. Transform and enjoy! The effects of the Polyjuice Potion will wear off after one hour.
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