What to see if you only have ONE DAY in Las Vegas

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A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take a spontaneous trip out west.

What started as a loop around the Grand Canyon was quickly erased as a massive snow storm interrupted our visit – but luckily for us, it meant we got to explore the Valley of Fire instead. If you want to learn more about our trip into the red rocks of Nevada, don’t forget to to subscribe so you can be the first to know when a new video is posted.

After our journey through the dessert, we ended our trip with a night in Vegas baby!

las vegas strip

Our very first dining experience in Vegas was at Hell’s Kitchen – which is a restaurant set up to look exactly like the kitchen from the show. They have filmed a few episodes there, but don’t expect dinner with a show from Gordon Ramsay himself.

hell's kitchen las vegas

For my first course, I had the golden beet salad – which I am absolutely obsessed with: soft golden beets with quinoa granola and warm yogurt; it was absolutely incredible. I’m definitely planning to make a copy cat recipe of this soon!

golden beet salad hell's kitchen

We also had a plate of fresh raw oysters, as one does when in Vegas.

oysters hells kitchen las vegas

My husband opted to get the filet mignon and crispy Brussel sprouts for his main course and side.

hells kitchen filet migon

And of course I had to go with the classics from the show: Beef Wellington.

hell's kitchen beef wellington

For dessert we had the sticky toffee pudding, which was even better than I could ever begin to imagine. It was straight from heaven.

sticky toffee pudding hell's kitchen

From Caesar’s Palace we grabbed an uber to Area15 the home of OmegaMart – however, it wasn’t clear on the website that you HAVE to get tickets in advance for this area. I really want to go back to Vegas just to make a video about OmegaMart because I think it would absolutely be worth the trip.

Area15 vegas

The rest of Area15 is just as cool to explore. We grabbed a few drinks while we meandered through the exhibits – and had to pause to wonder if someone slipped some acid in our drinks because things get WILD in wink world.

area15 drinks las vegas

After Area15 we found ourselves on Fremont street with drinks as tall as they were expensive. I’m not sure what I expected Fremont street to be like, but it definitely gives you a taste of what Vegas is all about.

The next morning, we explored the strip – dipping in and out of casinos from one end to the other. At one point we found ourselves inside of the Bellagio Gardens, which were absolutely stunning.

bellagio ceiling

For breakfast we found ourselves inside of HEXX Kitchen where I had chicken and waffles, my obvious go-to, and my husband had the huevos rancheros tostada.

HEXX Kitchen food

Afterwards, to work up our appetites, we wandered over to New York City for a slice and quick trip to Eataly. We mostly came here for the smells – this really is a foodie sanctuary in the middle of a bustling city.

NYC las vegas

There is no shortage of cool spots and shops along the strip – one of our favorites was a random sweets store that boasted candy characters, toys and a giant Tolblerone.

I even got to wave at Vice President Harris’ convoy as she visited town with her own husband – so that was a definite highlight of my day.

If you haven’t caught on by now, I don’t stop eating on vacation. On our way back to Caesar’s Palace where we were staying, we stopped for a bite at brioche by Guy Savoy – I really just want the clout of being able to say I ate something by Guy Savoy so I got a simple ham and brie baguette, which definitely reminded me of the baguettes in Paris.

ham and brie baguette

Which speaking of Paris, that was the next stop on our trip. But first, I had to stop and eat the only salad they should serve at Caesar’s Palace. Yes, it was a goal on our trip to eat Caesar’s salad in Caesar’s Palace.

caesar's palace caesar salad

After a quick outfit change, we made our way down to Paris where we were lucky enough to snag a few seats in the lounge at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak restaurant.

Pro tip – even if they say they are booked, if there are seats in the lounge, you can get the full menu on that side with the same service as an actual table without making a reservation.

gordon ramsay steak restaurant las vegas

We ordered the five course menu – and I apologize in advance for the red lighting, it made it hard to really capture how elegantly everything was plated.

Our starter or amuse bouche was a scotch egg duo made with quail egg, Berkshire pork sausage and red wine braised cabbage.

quail egg scotch egg

For the first course we were served a hamachi crudo – a kind of poke dish with pickled mushrooms, puffed rice, a miso vinaigrette and sweet and tangy lime aioli. Served cold, it was a refreshing start to our next course, which was scallops and risotto. The tomato dolce on this was to die for.

hamachi crudo steak restaurant
scallop risotto steak restaurant

The third course was a land and see beef Wellington combo – and since I had had the Wellington for dinner the night before, I let my husband have the beef while I hoarded the butter poached lobster and potato puree.

land sea wellington steak restaurant

Finally for the dessert course, since we had the sticky toffee pudding the night before, we ask if we could switch it out for the deconstructed s’mores brownie – and we were beyond thrilled when they agreed to let us make the swap.

deconstructed smores steak restaurant

With full bellies, we took the elevators to the top of the Eiffel Tower – mostly because we hadn’t done it when we went to Paris in real life. Afterwards, we meandered back towards the Bellagio to catch a fountain show before packing up and heading to the airport.

bellagio fountains

Viva Las Vegas!

Now that things are getting back to normal, I want to make travel a part of my foodie routine. Where should I travel to next? What foodie destinations are worth the trip? Let me know down in the comments below.