Ice Cube “Cake” (For Dogs!)

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What’s Up, Hungry People

It’s summertime, and that means my dogs are reveling in the great outdoors even more. The seasonal transition brings a slight reprieve from indoor mud trails, thankfully keeping most of the mess at bay. To combat the heat and ensure my furry friends stay hydrated, I whipped up a special treat just for them—a “cake” that’s safe for dogs, crafted from their most cherished toys and snacks.

frozen ice cube for dogs

Meet Luna

Luna, the newest member of our family, hasn’t been officially introduced as one of my loyal kitchen helpers, unlike Theo Burrito, who had his moment of fame in a dog treat recipe video. Luna came to us last Christmas, and she’s been a bundle of energy—aptly nicknamed “Looney Luna.” Despite her antics, she’s been a source of immense joy and amusement.

ice cube treat for dogs diy

Here’s What You Need

  • Fresh water: Provides the base for the ice cake, ensuring hydration for your dog.
  • Bite-sized treats: Encourages playful interaction and provides a tasty reward for your dog.
  • Hard plastic or solid rubber dog toys: Adds fun and engagement, promoting play as the ice melts.
  • Round bucket or plastic container: Serves as the mold for the ice cake.
  • Pie pan or short-sided container: Used for serving the ice cake, allowing easy access for your dog.
white dog licking ice cube cake

The Treats They Adore

Both of my dogs have developed a fondness for ice cubes, which began as a soothing remedy during their teething phase. Their excitement isn’t for the usual kitchen sounds, anticipating food—it’s the ice cubes they’re after.

Let’s Cook

To assemble this cooling “delight”cake,” all you need is a large, round Tupperware or bucket and a pie pan or any container of a similar shape that can catch the melting ice, tailored to your dog’s size and preference. I had the advantage of using a special kit (that unfortunately, is no longer available online), a thoughtful gift from a colleague, which includes a stand that can be anchored into the ground. However, this kit isn’t necessary; the joy for your dogs lies in the treat itself, not the setup.

I filled the “cake” with a mix of their favorite snacks and a few toys to keep their interest piqued. As anticipated, the moment the ice was set down outdoors, they were engaged in an alternating cycle of licking the ice and darting off to chase squirrels, thoroughly entertained throughout the afternoon.

black and white dog licking ice cube cake

Luna’s Verdict

Looney Luna’s enthusiastic response could only be summed up as “PUPPY APPROVED!”

This simple yet effective “cake” is an excellent way to keep your dogs cool and entertained during the warmer months, proving that sometimes the best treats come in the simplest forms. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to utilize those toys that keep getting ignored in favor of a good old-fashioned ice cube.

fluffy white dog licks ice

Making the Perfect Dog-Friendly Ice Cube Cake

  • Choosing the right container: Select a container size based on the amount of water you have and the size of your freezer. The container should be big enough to hold the toys and treats but small enough to fit in your freezer.
  • Mix of float and sink: Incorporate a mix of treats and toys that float and sink. This variety creates layers of surprises for your dog, encouraging continuous engagement as the ice melts.
  • Using a lid to submerge floatables: If you’re using items that float, a lid or a heavy object placed on top can help keep them submerged, ensuring they freeze within the ice and don’t all end up on the surface.
  • Thawing time is key: Allowing the ice cake to thaw for a few minutes before serving makes it easier to remove from the container. This step is crucial to prevent frustration or damage to the container.
  • The importance of shade: Serve the ice cake in a shaded area to slow down the melting process. This gives your dog more time to enjoy the cool treat on hot days.
  • Monitor your dog’s play: Keep an eye on your dog as they enjoy the ice cake, especially with younger or more energetic dogs, to ensure they don’t hurt themselves with the hard toys or eat too quickly – dogs can get brain freeze too!
dog smashes face into ice cube cake for more lickies

As the summer days roll on, keeping our furry companions cool and entertained becomes a top priority. This DIY “ice cube cake” does just the trick, combining hydration with the thrill of discovery as they lick their way to their favorite treats and toys. It’s a straightforward way to add a bit of fun to those long, hot afternoons.

Remember, the joy in this activity lies not just in the treat itself but in watching the excitement and curiosity in your dogs as they explore. So, next time the temperature spikes, know that a simple mix of water, treats, and toys frozen overnight can turn any sweltering day into a refreshing game for your pups. After all, happy and cool dogs make for happy dog owners.

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Ice Cube “Cake” (For Dogs!)

The Starving Chef
Create a refreshing treat for your dog with this easy-to-make ice cube cake, packed with their favorite toys and treats.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Freezing Time 10 hours
Course For Dogs
Cuisine Dogs
Servings 1 ice cake


  • 1 gal fresh water or however much is needed to fill the container of your choice
  • 1 cup your dog's favorite bite sized treats
  • 4 hard plastic or solid rubber dog toys that can fit in container
  • round bucket or plastic container
  • pie pan or short sided container that can hold melting ice should be larger than container holding ice


  • Arrange the treats and toys in the bucket or Tupperware. Choose treats and toys that will offer a variety, with some expected to sink and others to float, providing an engaging mix for your dog to discover throughout the ice.
  • Fill the container with water, ensuring that the toys and treats are submerged. If you have a lid, use it to keep any floating items submerged in the water.
  • Freeze the container until solid, which should take about 6+ hours.
  • When it's time to serve, allow the container to thaw for approximately five minutes to ease the ice from the sides of the container. Remove the lid.
  • Place the pie pan or a similar container, with sides short enough for your dog to comfortably lick the ice, on top of the ice block. Flip the bucket over so the "ice cake" is positioned within the pie pan.
  • Set up the ice cake outside in a shaded spot. Make sure to point out the exposed treats to your dog, so they know there's something special for them. Enjoy the summer!
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