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Ever wonder how the recipe videos you see every so often in your Facebook feed get made? When you’re a food blogger like myself, there’s no such thing as just cooking a recipe.

Not only do you have to actually know how to cook the food you are making, you have to make sure it’s well lit and get multiple camera angles on EVERYTHING. You have to be willing to get in weird positions and awkward stances just to get a single shot – that you’ll probably only use a few seconds of in the video – is juuuuuust right.

And sometimes that means you feel obligated to take pictures of a camera filming another camera filming.

Meet the “TEAM” behind the Starving Chef:

I use many cameras to get my footage. From my Nikon D3200 DSLR with multiple lenses to my 4K handycam – I have a different camera for pretty much everything. I’ve also been known to use GoPros and webcams to achieve the perfect shot.

What was I making? Watch the recipe for cafeteria copy cat crispitos:

Get my gear:

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~ 4K Camcorder:
~ Timelapse camera:
~ DLSR Camera:
~ Ring light:
~ Umbrella lights:
~ Butcher’s Block:

Cook like the Starving Chef:

Shout out to Brook Lark at The Cheeky Kitchen for hosting this video challenge! Five more weeks to go – stay tuned to see what video challenge is next.