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star wars snack board for movie night

What’s Up, Hungry People

It’s Star Wars Week here in the Starving Chef’s kitchen! With May the Fourth right around the corner, I knew it was time to dawn my Jedi robes and dust off my lightsaber to head back to a galaxy far, far away for some exceptionally delicious treats.

You won’t find Star Wars recipes more authentic than these – I even filmed them all in front of a green screen just to really feel like I was truly a part of the Star Wars universe.

green screen star wars food

Be sure to check back every day until May 4th – I’ll be updating this post with all of the recipes and then some!

In the meantime, check out my Death Star Cheeseball, copycat blue milk from Galaxy’s Edge, and TIE Fighter Crackers from previous Star Wars Weeks!

Baby Yoda’s Spicy Soup

baby yoda spicy soup recipe

First up, a more recent addition to the Star Wars universe of food is Grogu’s spicy soup recipe. Inspired by Grogu always sipping on somethin’ in The Mandalorian, this soup is the perfect blend of swamp and spice.

Sarlacc Pit Dip

sarlacc pit dip

Perfect for any themed party or gathering, this Sarlacc Pit dip captures the essence of the feared Sarlacc with playful ‘teeth’ and ‘tentacles’ that are sure to amuse and delight your fellow fans. Get ready to take an intergalactic trip to Tatooine and back with every bite!

BB-8 Cheeseball

bb-8 cheese ball

This adorable and tasty treat is inspired by everyone’s favorite spherical droid, combining delicious flavors with creative presentation. Whether you’re hosting a Star Wars party or just want to add some fun to your snack lineup, this BB-8 Cheeseball is sure to be a hit among both rebels and imperials!

TIE Fighter Sausage Wonton Crackers

a-wing wontons

Inspired by the iconic starfighters, this recipe transforms simple ingredients into a snack that’s both visually striking and deliciously satisfying. Perfect for any gathering of fans, these A-Wing style sausage wonton chips and their smaller X-Wing counterparts are sure to impress as you punch it into hyperdrive for your next Star Wars marathon.

x-wing crackers

Kibi Strip Kebabs

kibi strips star wars

Ignite your grill and your taste buds with these Kibi Strip Kababs, a tribute to the Star Wars saga. Inspired by the expansive galaxy of flavors from the iconic films, these kababs offer a delicious blend of spices and tender meat, perfect for any fan looking to boost their barbecue game.

Blue Milk Sippers

blue milk star wars

Experience a taste of the Star Wars galaxy with this copycat recipe for Blue Milk, originally served at Galaxy’s Edge. This vibrant and exotic beverage captures the essence of the iconic drink enjoyed by characters in the Star Wars universe.

Ronto Wrap Stackers

ronto wrap stackers

Transport your taste buds to the edges of the galaxy with these Copycat Ronto Wraps from Batuu, featured in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I whipped up Mini Ronto Stackers, a bite-sized take on the iconic Ronto Wraps. This recipe captures the essence of the beloved park favorite, combining juicy roasted pork with zesty slaw wrapped in a soft pita for a truly out-of-this-world meal.

Rey’s Portion Bread

rey's portion bread

Step into Rey’s world with this recipe for Polystarch Portion Bread, straight from the Star Wars universe. This soda bread magically rises before your eyes, much like it did in “The Force Awakens.” Perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast looking to bring a bit of Jakku into their kitchen, this bread is not only a fun project but also a delicious treat!

Jars of Sand

graham cracker sand

I couldn’t resist – jars of sand straight from Tatooine. But really, it’s just crushed graham crackers!

Star Wars Bites, Spreads & Snacks

Other items to complete our board include:

  • Andorian Jams & Jellies – I used a spicy pepper jelly, grape jelly and apricot preserves
  • Spiced Leathermeat – for our spread I used teriyaki jerky
  • Mandalorian Oranges – I imagined the real life equivalent to be similar to a kumquat
  • D’il Pyykkle – use a mix of sweet and tangy gherkins
  • Apple slug sauce – I dove into our reserves and pulled out a jar of apple butter for this
  • Moleculary Agitated Cheese – I used dehydrated Parmesan crisps as “moon cheese”
  • Dehydrated Vegetable Protein Straw – fun flavors of crispy veggie stix
  • Ration Crackers – buttery crackers, whole grain crackers, and fig sourdough crackers
  • Lego Star Wars Wookie Cookies – cannonically accurate Wookie Cookies!
  • JarJar’s Fruit Balls – dragonfruit cut with a melon baller
star wars cheese board.

As we wrap up our Star Wars Week extravaganza, we’ve journeyed across the galaxy, from Jakku to Batuu, and brought back an array of dishes that would make any Rebel proud.

Our galactic feast has everything from the spicy depths of Baby Yoda’s favorite soup to the iconic Blue Milk, offering something for every Star Wars fan to relish. Whether you’re throwing a big viewing party for the latest episode or just bringing a bit of the Star Wars universe into your everyday meals, these recipes are sure to add some fun and flavor to your adventures.

So, grab your lightsaber (or spatula) and may the Force be with you!


The Starving Chef
Celebrate Star Wars with this ultimate collection of themed recipes, perfect for any fan gathering or movie night.
Prep Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours
Course Charcuterie, Fictional Feasts
Cuisine Movies, Star Wars


  • Star Wars cheese board



Select Your Board:

  • Choose a large, flat board or platter as your base. A wooden board or a dark slate can add a rustic or galactic look that fits the Star Wars theme.

Arrange the Main Attractions:

  • Place your larger items like the BB-8 Cheeseball, Sarlacc Pit Dip, and Baby Yoda’s Spicy Soup in separate, spaced-out sections on the board for easy access.

Add the Meats and Cheeses:

  • Strategically place the Kibi Strip Kebabs and Spiced Leathermeat across the board. Next to these, arrange the Moleculary Agitated Cheese and additional cheeses if desired.

Incorporate Fruits and Veggies:

  • Scatter Mandalorian Oranges and D’il Pyykkle around the board to add color and contrast. Place small bowls of Apple Slug Sauce and Andorian Jams & Jellies where people can easily dip into them.

Fill in with Crackers and Starches:

  • Tuck Ration Crackers and Jars of Sand in any gaps on the board. These will pair well with the dips and cheeses.

Add the Final Touches:

  • Decorate with Lego Star Wars Wookie Cookies and JarJar’s Fruit Balls for a playful touch that will also serve as a sweet treat.

Garnish and Decorate:

  • Use Star Wars figurines, themed napkins, or even small lightsabers as decor around the board to enhance the theme. Sprinkle some Dehydrated Vegetable Protein Straw around the board for an extra crunchy texture.

Prep for Serving:

  • Provide small plates, napkins, and serving utensils next to the board. Include themed picks or small forks to help guests with serving themselves.
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